Rock’n’Roll Butterfly Cake

What did I do this week?
Oh yes, I made a chocolate butterfly cake for a rock band!
IMG_0697IMG_0695 IMG_0701This is Sylwia, the lead singer of the band, Diamond Velocity, who were preparing for their gig at The Leadmill in Sheffield last night, Friday 13th.
1236863_235452216609101_1730520711_nShe and the rest of the band were very pleased to receive this cake.  In fact Sylwia went into the neighbouring dressing room where another band where preparing to perform that night, and she gave them a friendly warning which went something like this: “Hi guys.  I just need to let you know that if you touch my cake, I will kill you all!”

You see that is the tremendous corrupting affect that my cakes can have – they transform otherwise friendly and reasonable people into murderous fiends.  So whenever I hear someone feel moved to contemplate such actions, I can feel pleased that I have done good work and that the dark shadow of the Caloriser is growing ever stronger…..

Diamond Velocity are a hugely talented upcoming band hailing from the plucky little Northern town of Rotherham, (the town that never gives up).  They have just been signed up by Big Sky Records, and their latest album ‘Without Spells’ is available to download on iTunes and Amazon.  You can also hear a free track, namely their single ‘Overexposed’ on Soundcloud.  Check them out – they are going to be HUGE……  especially if they keep eating my cakes (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)


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