Cake-pocalypse Phase Two: Pick’n’mix Rainbow Surprise

And so with dark purpose I continue without mercy, without empathy, without portion control…

This blood chilling creation ended up at a birthday party for a three-year-old.  I delivered the cake and then neatly made my getaway before the slicing.  Thus the parents of said toddler were left do deal with the elemental devastation that only a small child on a thermonuclear sugar rush can wreak.

I know, I’m so naughty…

Again, the details of the creation shall be posted at some future point:

IMG_6247 IMG_6285 IMG_6282 IMG_6279 IMG_6274 IMG_6273  b941300_665447226804600_1500902907_nb425302_665449510137705_959535483_nb10071_665449530137703_1903455721_n


3 thoughts on “Cake-pocalypse Phase Two: Pick’n’mix Rainbow Surprise

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