Like any evil genius, I am always on the look out to recruit an army of minions.  I don’t have much of a staff right now – basically it’s just me, all alone here in my secret lair atop the Mountain of Doom.  However, recently I received an application for an evil internship from a young lady in Milan going by the name of Wobblin Betty.

She tried out my recipe for Yorkshire Parkin – which was more difficult for her than you might imagine because Golden Syrup is apparently really difficult to get hold of in Italy.

Even so, she overcame all obstacles, and these are the pictures she sent me of her efforts as part of her application.  I think it is an outstanding effort.  Betty is most certainly at the top of the shortlist…

By the way, check out the amazing rings…

a photo 1a photo 2a photo 3a photo 4


2 thoughts on “Apprentice

  1. Dear Tair, thanks for posting such a delicious recipe that was also fun to prepare! 🙂 Neither me or my friends have never tried Yorkshire Parkin before and everybody was so happy with it!

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