The Death of a Doughnut eBook: Get it while it’s hot!

I have just self published a short story on the Amazon Kindle store entitled ‘The Death of a Doughnut’.  It’s a semi-autobiographical tale (more semi than biographical to be honest).  It’s very reasonably priced at $1.16, or 77 of the Queen’s pence.  I would be eternally grateful if you could pop over and purchase a copy.

Don’t worry if you don’t actually own a Kindle, for Amazon has some lovely free software available that will enable you to read purchased eBooks on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, tablet or whatever other gizmos happen to be popular with the young folk nowadays.  My story is available worldwide.  To purchase in your part of the world, go to your Amazon web site, enter the title  ‘The Death of a Doughnut’ in the search bar, or search for the AISN number B00D1YP40I and it should take you to the appropriate page with pricing and delivery options for your country.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed:

Death of a Doughnut cover copy 3


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