Cake-pocalypse Phase One Update: Vanquished

Breaking news from the front line – it appears that my monster has been all but defeated:

The first wave fought valiantly….
bbb961922_10151592174857696_1144182383_nHowever, reinforcements had to be called in…
bbb975193_10151592160292696_1231927101_n copyIn the heat of battle some fell and their numbers dwindled…
bbb973239_10151592160577696_1007169334_nUntil but a few brave souls were left to carry on the struggle…
bbb986602_10151592174377696_368912382_nAt last, after much munching and scoffing and tummy rumbles, the beast was all but vanquished.  As things stand, this is all that remains of the monster I unleashed:
aaaa975573_10151592146442696_106846928_nI have to say, I am impressed.  But don’t feel too smug, puny mortals.  You think that was the worst I could do?  You ain’t seen nothing yet.

To be continued….


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