Cake-pocalypse – Week Zero: The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

0 copy 2You may be asking yourself, “Why is this Week Zero?  Shouldn’t we be in the midst of Cake-pocalypse right this very moment? We have lived in its fearful shadow for so long, haven’t you taunted us enough you fiend?”

Okay, calm, down dear – don’t get your suspender tights in a twist.  I could tell you that I planned for this brief respite to give you time to get your affairs in order, make a will, order some elasticated tracksuit bottoms and whatnot.  However, the tragic truth is that I was never really any good at maths, and when I started my countdown, I failed to recognise that there were actually eleven weeks left to the beginning of June rather than 10.  I am pure evil, but I never claimed to be organised.

So……  What have you been up to lately?  Anything cool?  Seen any good movies……

Oh wait, I made a couple of cakes recently.  I won’t detail the recipes because I don’t want to get into anything too heavy this close to the end of all things.  So I’ll just show you a couple of pictures.  I made these for some friends.  Yes, I have friends.  There’s no need to look so surprised.  And no, they’re not the imaginary kind, and I’m only blackmailing half of them – I have the other half under surveillance….

This is yet another chocolate devil’s food cake – it’s proving very popular:
IMG_0416And for a slight change of tempo, this is a strawberries and cream cake:
IMG_0468 IMG_0470And here are some sprinkles….
IMG_0475Those are just to give you the merest hint of what to expect when Cake-pocalypse finally arrives – and it will most definitely be here by next week.  Do not make the mistake of regarding me as the boy who cried ‘cake’ – that would be a miscalculation you may not live to regret……


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