Wonderland Sleepy Dormouse Cake

Recipe #17

Oh my, oh my, how the time does fly.  There are just four weeks left before the cataclysmic majesty of Cake-pocalypse sweeps down on us all and puts an end to trim tummies and toned bottoms as we know them.  From then on unto doomsday, there shall be nothing but ballooning posteriors and love handles the size of national monuments that will block out the sun and plunge the Earth into a new and perpetual Dark Age…

So, let us make the most of the time we have left.  We’ll try something fun today, shall we?  A bit of character fondant work.  It’ll be just like mucking about with the Plasticine box at nursery school – except by the end of this little activity you will be able to eat the model you make.

Actually I sometimes ate the Plasticine models I made at nursery school.  I used to make models of little people going about their everyday business; and then I would loom up over them and pretend I was a giant monster.  I would scoop them up in my mighty paws and bite their heads off.  Then, after giving them a good chewing, I would spit them out and smash them all into pancakes.  Then I would laugh and laugh and laugh until the teaching assistant called my mum to come and take me away because I was scaring all the other kids.  Happy days….




  • A glass tumbler, ideally shaped similar to a teacup
  • Clingfilm
  • A pastry brush
  • Rolling pin
  • Fondant modelling tools
  • A metal ruler
  • A cake decorating turntable


  • White fondant icing
  • Cornflour

You will need to start construction of the teacup about three or four days before you make the cake so that the fondant will have plenty of time to dry out and hold its shape.  Begin with a glass tumbler with a form that approximates the shape of a teacup.  I decided to make two fondant teacups because it’s always a good idea to have a spare just in case something goes wrong with the first one.  Wrap the tumbler in cling film:
IMG_5728Dust the clingfilm tumbler with a liberal quantity of cornflour to form a non-stick coating:
IMG_5736Roll out some white fondant between two layers of clingfilm:
IMG_5737Peel away the top layer of cling film and lift the rolled fondant by the bottom layer.  Place the fondant over the prepared tumbler and mould it with your hands.  Once you have the shape nice and smooth, peel away the clingfilm:
IMG_5744Place the moulded fondant onto a turntable and cut away the excess with a fondant cutting tool, making sure to get as straight an edge as you can.  I know your hands will most likely be trembling with fear because Cake-pocalypse is so close, but try your best:
IMG_5745 IMG_5746Make the handle of the teacup by rolling out a long strip of fondant into a question mark shape.  Here again I have made two so that I have a spare:
IMG_5749 IMG_5750Now place these components away in a cool dry play to harden for a few days.


The heart of this cake is the chocolate Devil’s foo cake I have detailed in a previous post.  Simply follow Stage 1 and Stage 2 as described in the recipe Devil’s Food Cake – The ‘Gella Edition.  Here’s a picture of one I made earlier:
IMG_5587Before you put the cake in the oven to bake, take one ice cream scoop full of the cake batter and place it into a cupcake case.  Bake it in an oven pre-heated to 180˚C/350˚F/Gas Mark 4.  You will need just one.  This will form the core of the edible teacup:
IMG_5777Also set aside some of the butter ganache for the filling of the edible teacup you made earlier.




  • Clingfilm
  • Fondant modelling tools
  • A crimped edge biscuit cutter


  • Prepared fondant teacup components
  • Prepared cupcake from Stage 2
  • Prepared butter ganache from stage 2
  • White fondant

Carefully remove the fondant cup from the tumbler mould.  Fill the base with two teaspoons of the reserved chocolate ganache.  Place the cupcake gently into the cup and then cover it with a couple more teaspoons of ganache, leaving just over a centimetre of space from the lip of the cup:
IMG_5778 IMG_5779

IMG_5780Roll out a little white fondant and cut out a round crimped shape a little larger than the base of the teacup.  Moisten the base of the cup slightly to create a sticky surface and then adhere the crimped circle to the underside of the cup.  Shape the crimps with a modelling tool to give it a finished look:
IMG_5785 IMG_5786 IMG_5787Roll out some small, pea sized balls of fondant; as many as you feel you need to cover the rim of the cup plus extra just to be sure.  Moisten the lip of the cup and then arrange the fondant peas around the circumference of the cup before giving them a final shaping with a modelling tool:
IMG_5784IMG_5789Moisten the tips of the cup handle, stick a fondant pea to each end and then stick the handle to the cup.  Leave the cup aside for everything to dry:
IMG_5790 IMG_5792




  • Clingfilm
  • Fondant modelling tools


  • Prepared fondant teacup
  • Light brown fondant
  • White fondant
  • Pink fondant
  • Black fondant

Start by rolling a ball of light brown fondant to the size of a small orange:

IMG_5793Slice this in half:
IMG_5794Put one half aside and roll the other half into a ball.  This ball will form the main core of the dormouse’s head:
IMG_5795Pinch the fondant ball between your forefinger and thumb to form indentations on either side of the face:
IMG_5796Take the half ball of fondant you set aside and slice that in half again.  Once more, set one half aside:
IMG_5797Roll the other half into a ball and slice in half:
IMG_5798Roll these two halves into two smaller balls and stick them into the indentations to form the dormouse cheeks:
IMG_5799With a modelling tool press two indentations into the face to form eye sockets:
IMG_5800Roll two small balls of white fondant to form the upper lip of the dormouse:
IMG_5801Shape a tiny triangle of pink fondant for the nose:
IMG_5802Shape a very tiny semi-circle of white fondant and a sliver of pink to make the lower lip and tongue:
IMG_5803 IMG_5804Score an indentation into the middle of the nose and dots into the upper lip to make whisker holes:
IMG_5805Roll two balls of black fondant for the eyes:
IMG_5806Roll out a semi-circle of light brown and slice it in half yo make eyelids:
IMG_5807Place the two halves over the eye to give the dormouse a sleepy look.  Repeat this for the other eye:
IMG_5808Score some lines along the eyelids to give the dormouse and extra bleary look:
IMG_5809 Shape a small semi-circle of light brown for the the chin:
IMG_5810Roll a tiny strip of light brown for the bridge of the nose:
IMG_5811Add lines for fur and character:
IMG_5812Roll two thumb sized circles of fondant to make the ears.  Form them over your thumb to give them a concave shape:
IMG_5813Roll a circle of pink and slice it in half:
IMG_5814Place the half moons of pink inside the ears:
IMG_5815Press indentations into the ears with a modelling tool:
IMG_5816Attach the ears to the head – use a little water to make them extra sticky if they won’t stay in place:
IMG_5817Place the dormouse head into the teacup:
IMG_5818Make some paws with some pink fondant:
IMG_5819Place the paws on the lip of the cup and press some wrinkles into them for texture:
IMG_5820Roll out a tapered length of pink to make a tail:
IMG_5821Place the base of the tail into the cup and curve around the outside:




  • White card
  • Sharpie pen
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting board
  • Clear plastic sheet
  • Clingfilm
  • Tin foil
  • Rolling pin
  • Playing card suit template (see below)

Playing card suits templateIngredients:

  • Prepared teacup with mouse
  • Prepared cake
  • Red fondant
  • Black fondant
  • Edible gold paint
  • Two Caramac bars (melted)

Print out the playing cart suit template above and use it to cut out a plastic template:
IMG_5826Roll our some red fondant between two sheets of cling film:
IMG_5827Lay the template on top of the rolled fondant.  Cut through the cling film with a craft knife to cut out six each of the red suits. the diamonds and hearts.  You may need to roll out the red fondant a second time if there is not enough room to cut out the hearts:
IMG_5828 IMG_5829Do the same for the black suits, the spades and clubs.  lay the cut out shapes on to a piece of tin foil to dry slightly:
IMG_5830Arrange the suits around the cake in an arrangement you find pleasing – or you could just do it the way I have done it:
IMG_5832Add highlights by brushing the edges of the fondant suits with a little edible gold paint:
IMG_5834By now the dormouse will have got a little chilly.  So I think we need to give him a soothing bath in some nice warm tea.

Take two Caramac bars and melt them in the microwave.  About 30 to 45 seconds should do it:
IMG_5838 IMG_5839Pour the melted Caramac into the teacup:
IMG_5841 IMG_5843Once the Caramac has set, place the dormouse in the cup on top of the cake:
IMG_5846He looks more like a hungover dormouse rather than a sleepy one, don’t you think?  Goodness only knows what that Mad Hatter has been putting in the tea…

Voldermort first slice 2


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