Yolk-ing Apart

Before I get to my latest recipe, I want to tell you about an exciting (or should that be egg-citing), new technique I have discovered….

One of the fiddliest chores I have found during baking is separating egg yolks and egg whites.  It’s something I do frequently whenever I make meringues, custards or pastries and such.  Everyone has their favoured methods – I myself have relied upon the passing the egg between the two half shells methods.  It’s far from perfect as sometimes you can end up getting bits of shell in the bowl or the yolk can split and end up mixing with the whites, which is disastrous for a meringue.  Still others choose to use an egg cup to corral the yolk so that they can tip the white away, but this also can end up being quite messy.

Well, the other week I saw a video on Youtube that was the biggest revelation to me since I saw ‘Gangnam Style‘.  This video demonstrated a quick, simple and clean technique for separating eggs using a water bottle.  Prepare to be gobsmacked:

And here are some pictures of me attempting to replicate this technique:
IMG_5647IMG_5648IMG_5649IMG_5650 IMG_5651 IMG_5653What do you think?  Pretty nifty, huh?  I have placed this technique in its own separate article so that I can keep referring back to it as I know I will be putting it to plenty of use in the future.  Thank you Internets; once again you have literally changed my life…..


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